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KPMG's Guide to International Business Location Costs

Results by Region and City – Pacific US/Canada

The International Report features results for 107 individual cities in 10 countries. Overall results for each of the cities in the Pacific US/Canada region are as follows (US index = 100.0).

Location Country Index¹ Rank²
  Anchorage, AKUS108.014
  Boise, IDUS96.13
  Honolulu, HIUS104.513
  Las Vegas, NVUS98.26
  Los Angeles, CAUS100.510
  Portland, ORUS98.15
  Kamloops, BCCanada93.61
  Riverside-San Bernardino, CAUS98.77
  Sacramento, CAUS99.58
  San Diego, CAUS99.99
  San Francisco, CAUS104.212
  Seattle, WAUS101.411
  Spokane, WAUS96.94
  Vancouver, BCCanada94.62
1   Business costs are expressed as an index, with the United States being assigned the baseline index of 100.0. A cost index less than 100 indicates lower costs than the US. A cost index greater than 100 indicates higher costs than the US. For example, an index number of 95.0 represents a 5.0% cost advantage relative to the United States.
2 The featured cities are grouped by region and ranked within their region (with 1 representing the lowest cost city in each region).

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