Midwest US/Canada West

Competitive Alternatives 2016 includes business cost rankings for more than 100 cities in 10 countries. This page highlights the results for 27 cities in the Midwest US/Canada West region.

Midwest US/Canada West
Regional RankCityOverall
1Winnipeg, MB84.9
2Saskatoon, SK85.9
3Edmonton, AB86.4
4Calgary, AB87.0
5Cedar Rapids, IA93.8
6Omaha, NE93.9
7Sioux Falls, SD94.1
8Fargo, ND94.3
9Albuquerque, NM94.4
10Billings, MT94.4
11Cheyenne, WY94.6
12San Antonio, TX94.7
13Wichita, KS94.7
14Oklahoma City, OK94.7
15Champaign-Urbana, IL94.8
16Beaumont, TX94.9
17Salt Lake City, UT95.0
18Madison, WI95.7
19St. Louis, MO96.1
20Kansas City, MO96.2
21Phoenix, AZ96.2
22Austin, TX96.2
23Dallas-Fort Worth, TX96.2
24Minneapolis, MN96.8
25Houston, TX97.6
26Denver, CO97.8
27Chicago, IL98.3
1  Business costs are expressed as an index. An index below 100 indicates lower costs than the US baseline. An index over 100 indicates higher costs than the US baseline. (e.g., an index of 95.0 represents costs 5.0% below the US baseline.) US Baseline is the average of the four largest US metro areas.

This regional comparison includes four cities from Western Canada and 23 cities from the US Midwest. The current high value of the US dollar gives all of the Canadian cities a clear cost advantage over their US counterparts, with a cost gap of 6.8 percentage points separating the highest cost Canadian city and the lowest cost US city in this region.

The spread of business costs among the four Canadian cities compared is 2.1 percentage points. Winnipeg is the clear leader among the Canadian cities, followed by Saskatoon, Edmonton and Calgary.

Cedar Rapids and Omaha are the cost leaders among the US cities in this region, both with business costs more than 6.0 percent below the US base.

In this region, the results reveal clusters of US cities with relatively similar costs. Ten cities all have costs between 5 and 6 percent below the US baseline—from Sioux Falls through to Beaumont, while a further six cities—from St. Louis through to Minneapolis—all have costs between 3 and 4 percent below the base.

Costs are moderate (relative to US standards) for even the most expensive cities in this region. While Houston, Denver and Chicago represent the lowest ranked cities in this region, their business costs range from 2.4 to 1.7 percentage points below the US baseline.

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