New England/Atlantic Canada

Competitive Alternatives 2016 includes business cost rankings for more than 100 cities in 10 countries. This page highlights the results for 11 cities in the New England/Atlantic Canada region.

New England/Atlantic Canada
Regional RankCityOverall
1Fredericton, NB83.3
2Moncton, NB83.3
3Charlottetown, PE83.9
4Halifax, NS84.5
5St. John's, NL85.4
6Bangor, ME94.8
7Providence, RI96.7
8Burlington, VT96.9
9Manchester, NH97.2
10Hartford, CT98.2
11Boston, MA101.2
1  Business costs are expressed as an index. An index below 100 indicates lower costs than the US baseline. An index over 100 indicates higher costs than the US baseline. (e.g., an index of 95.0 represents costs 5.0% below the US baseline.) US Baseline is the average of the four largest US metro areas.

Within the New England/Atlantic Canada region, the two cost leaders, Fredericton and Moncton, are both located in the Canadian province of New Brunswick and have almost equivalent business costs—both with a cost index of 83.3. Along with their Atlantic Canada neighbors of Charlottetown, Halifax and St. John’s, these cities all have business costs more than 14 percent below the US baseline. For international firms, the current weakness of the Canadian dollar further enhances the low labor and facility costs that are typical of this region and which make Atlantic Canada the lowest cost region within Canada.

Bangor is the cost leader among the US cities in this region, with business costs 5.2 percent below the US baseline. Providence, the second largest city in the region, has the second lowest business costs among the US cities compared, with costs below those of the smaller regional cities of Burlington (Vermont) and Manchester (New Hampshire).

Costs in Hartford are still below the US baseline, although only by 1.8 percent. Boston is the only major city in this region and has business costs significantly higher than any other city in the region, at 1.2 percent above the US base.

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